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ashley joalene.
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adam says that first picture shows my true spirit.
i think i'd have to agree.

i'm ashley joalene with an "a" for character. i smoke either marlboro menthol 100's or camels. don't like it? i don't care. i'm a highschool dropout and proud of that decision. i hear that i'm sarcastic. i've grown up in maine and although it gets boring, i love maine life. i am eighteen and have only been carded twice. it pisses me off.

there are a few select people who have completely captured me;

adam: you are the best friend i could ask for. you never let me down, you should know that. you always reassure me and make me feel important, even though i get a little insecure sometimes. i am so lucky to have someone like you in my life. please, give yourself more credit. you deserve nothing but the best. i am so honored that you've let me in, let me help you in the best ways i know. thank you for always listening. i love you <3.

tiffanie: you know how much you mean to me. you will always be a part of my heart. we have had some of the best times together, whether they be serious, silly, aggrivating, calm or loud and fun. i'm so glad that they were with you. i wouldn't change anything. you're an incredible little lady. don't ever let anyone tell you differently, if they try tell em you'll take them to a knife fight show.

mindy: i am so glad that we found each other again. you are someone that i couldn't bear to be without now. we always have such fun together and even though we never really do or talk about anything serious, i know we could if i needed. you are so special and you deserve someone who sees that.

erin: we may never be able to go back to the way things were in middle school, but i wouldn't trade what we have now for anything either. you are always there for me and i appreciate that more than you could ever know. i love the person you are and have been. you are amazing and don't ever forget it.

kelsey: i know that we're just getting to know each other, but you're the sweetest girl. you two deserve each other and i know things will always work out for the best. thank you for all your support, for knowing, for not saying anything, for being there. you are a far more powerful force than i think you know. always use it. i love you, girl.

ali: you are so amazing. and i love you right to peices, don't ever forget it. we always have such a good time together. i love bitchin about mindys rap with you, since thats ALL we listen to with her haha. we need to get closer and hang out more when you get back, okay?

lauren: i don't know whats going on. but you will always hold a place in my heart.
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